Update from Principal Bowen

Dear Lopez Students and Families:

I’d first like to welcome you all to the 2020 - 2021 school year at Lopez High School.  As I’m sure you’re aware, there have been many changes over the summer throughout our state, district and school, therefore school will operate quite differently than it has in the past, and much more consistently and rigorously than it did in the spring.  

Here are the highlights of information you need to know to start the school year in distance learning.  It is very different from our spring term, so be sure you check email regularly and log on daily to your scheduled classes.  School will be conducted “synchronously,” meaning students will be required to log in at scheduled times throughout the school day to participate in lessons, check in with their teachers, and work on their school assignments on a regular basis.  Here are the things you need to know:

  1. All LHS students will be enrolled in 5 classes per day beginning at 9am.  This will afford students to recover credits and catch up towards graduating on time!

    1. The bell schedule is as follows:  (So you know what classes to log in to, pick up locator cards Friday or logon to Homelink Thursday morning.)
  • Period 1 (teacher prep)
  • Period 2  9:00am
  • Period 3  10:00am
  • Period 4  11:00am
  • Period 5  1:00pm
  • Period 6  2:00pm

  • Materials, supplies, Chromebooks and Locator cards with instructions on how to log onto your Google Classroom, will be handed out on Friday, August 14th which is the first day of school!
    1. Please pick up your materials, Chromebook, and schedule during these times. 

 We will be outside and socially distanced, and please wear a mask!

  • Last names beginning with A - L, arrive between 10:30am - 12:00pm
  • Last names beginning with M - Z, arrive between 1:00pm - 2:30pm

  1. Teachers will be handing out your class outlines at this time as well.  It’s a chance to meet them briefly and safely, so please remain at the 6’ socially distanced guideline and wear a mask.

  1. Attendance will be taken daily.  Teachers will review how to make up attendance, much like we did last year during Student Success.  Absences will be much like the regular school year, so please plan to show up to class daily and regularly so you stay on track!

  1. Our Wolf Den is available for those in need of clothing, toiletries, and other items.  Contact Aurora Munoz if you need anything.

Many of our families are still working on the data confirmations.  It is really important to get that done so we have all the correct information needed to start the school year. If you have not confirmed your information online, please do so.  This information is vitally important.  

If we do not have your correct information, you will not receive any alerts from our schools.  

To complete the data confirmation:

  • Go to homelink.lmusd.org
  • Login with your email or hit forgot password
  • Login with your email if you know your password, if you don't, hit forgot password.  If you cannot get logged in, you need to contact the school secretary.

We know this is a difficult time and not an ideal way to learn.  Your teachers will be working with you regularly throughout the term.  We also have counseling available, so please let your teachers know if you need to speak with Bernie or email him directly.

We wish you health, safety and good start to a new school year!

The Lopez High School Team