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School Profile

Lopez High School is a WASC accredited alternative high school for grades 10-12 in the Lucia Mar Unified School District. It is also a Model California School and ranks in the top 10% of 575 alternative state high schools. It serves students from both Arroyo Grande, Central Coast New Tech and Nipomo High Schools, as well as students from other alternative schools.

Lopez High School offers one session M-F 8:00-11:45 AM. Attendance is mandatory and students attending Lopez High School are considered to be in full-time attendance. Many students may also attend afternoon classes depending on their elective, support and credit needs.

Students interested in attending LHS from one of the district high schools must go through a review process which starts with their counselor.

In collaboration with EOC, Lopez High School also houses Child Care Center to provide daycare for parenting minors in the district with priority given to those students attending LHS.
Principal: Jennifer Bowen
Counselor: Bernie Dominguez