Twenty-first Century Skills

In addition to content knowledge students need key skills for the workplace and for lifelong learning. Across all classes Lopez emphasizes 21st century skills which students must show proficiency and document in their capstone binder. Here is an Overview Chart of these skills and how they align with our school district's 2023 Framework.

4Cs Reflection/Project Instructions
  • Understand the 21st Century Skills: Refer to this information sheet for a summary and examples of each skill. More detail about these skills can be found in the school district 21st Century Skills guide.
  • Write a Reflection: For the four core skills of communication, critical thinking/problem solving, collaboration, and creativity follow these instructions to write a short reflection describing how you have utilized the skill during your high school career and how you will use them in the future.

Scholarship Essay Instructions
  • Write an Essay: It's healthy every once in a while to pause and reflect on where you have been, how you are changing, and where you are going. This can also help you apply for scholarships when you graduate. Follow these instructions to write a one page scholarship essay.