Twenty-first Century Skills

In addition to content knowledge students need key skills for the workplace and for lifelong learning. Across all classes Lopez emphasizes 21st century skills which students must show proficiency and document in their capstone binder. Here is an Overview Chart of these skills and how they align with our school district's 2020 Framework. Showing proficiency involves four main outcomes:
Four skill reflections and/or projects. Write a reflective essay or create a project which demonstrates each skill: Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking/Problem Solving, and Creativity. Projects and essays can be mixed and matched like two projects and two essays, but you must write at least one essay. So you can't do four projects. When you are done you will have four outcomes each representing a different skill.
Skill Reflection/Project Instructions
  1. Understand the Skills: Refer to this information sheet for a summary and examples of each skill. More detail about these skills can be found in the school district 21st Century Skills guide.
  2. Pick a Skill: Identify which skill you would like to write about first. To start choose one you are most familiar with and can readily think of examples practicing it. Note: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving are counted as one skill. Choose one or the other; you don't need to write about both.
  3. Write a Reflection or Make a Project: For each of the skills either follow these instructions to write a reflection paper of 200-300 words describing how you have utilized the skill during your high school career OR follow these instructions to make a project.
  4. Submit Work: Turn in the essay or project to the teacher whose class you created it in. Each teacher will review your submissions and check off the respective item on your Capstone checklist.
  5. Add Work to Binder: Put all four papers/projects (or a photo of it) into your Capstone binder.

Submit for Capstone
  • Communication Reflection Essay
  • ​Critical Thinking Essay or Project
  • ​Collaboration Essay or Project
  • ​Creative Thinking Essay or Project