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Is Capstone still a requirement if I am planning on returning to Arroyo Grande High School or Nipomo High School?
No. Capstone is only a requirement if you are graduating from Lopez High School. However, don't think of Capstone as a requirement. Think of it as an opportunity to prepare for the future. Learn the most you can from it even if you are eventually moving to a different school.

What if I'm done taking classes and my Capstone project isn’t finished?
If all Capstone items are not completed you will not graduate. You may have finished all your academic credits and classwork, but you will still have to come to school to complete Capstone and to receive a diploma from Lopez High School.
Can I copy work from other students?
All Capstone work is to be original and completed by each individual student. You can, of course, get feedback from others to improve your work. However, do not ever copy another person’s words, or ideas. If you plagiarize you will be disciplined. When performing research always properly cite your sources.
Are there specific due dates for Capstone items?
There are not hard deadlines except that all items must be done before your target presentation date. The Capstone checklist gives you a guide for what year items should ideally be completed. Be self-directed and make the most of the Capstone classes available.
Field Experience Related Questions
(Note: Currently Field Experience is not required).
Do Community service hours count as field experience?
No. Community service and field experience are separate. You need 20 hours of community service and four to eight hours of field experience. However, you can definitely use community service as an opportunity to volunteer in a career field you are interested.

I'm interested in several careers. Can I split my 4-8 hour requirement into several experiences?
Although we encourage you to explore several field experiences, the one you include in your Capstone binder needs to be at least four to eight hours long.

Can I do my field experience during school?
Usually not. Try to schedule field experience outside of regular school hours.

Can I do my field experience with someone I know?
You cannot have a relative as a Field Adviser, but a friend of the family or an acquaintance is permitted. The goal is to find a talented, experienced industry professional who you can learn as much as possible from. Many times the best adviser is someone you don’t know.

Can I do more than the required hours of field experience?
Yes. If you are interested in learning more, we suggest setting up a second field experience for an additional four to eight hours, but with a different field adviser. If you do the field work and write the reflection you can earn one extra high school credit.

If you still have a question, contact your Lopez Advisory teacher or use the website email form.