Job Readiness

My Future Reflection
An important part of high school is learning about oneself and what one wants to do in the future. The following assignment guides students in this exploration. It covers assessing one’s personality, intelligences, and interests which leads to researching careers and training that suit that person.

​Once students have determined some potential career paths they will prepare to line up field experience with a mentor in an industry of their interest. The preparation involves signing a liability release and establishing a field advisor.

  • Part 2 Notes: Follow these instructions to explore and summarize Where I Am Going, How I Will Get There and Life at 21-23.
  • Summary: Fill in the sections on this summary sheet. (See example). Then drag the key events to your estimated time on the timeline.

Professional Documentation Instructions and Links
It's hard to find a good job. To compete students need to speak articulately, write effectively, and present themselves confidently. They prepare for the workplace by creating a résumé, gathering letters of recommendation, practice writing a cover letter and resignation letter, and going through a mock interview.
Professional documentation presents information about your background, experience, skills, and other peoples’ opinions of you. Having this information all together makes it easier for you to show your suitability for a job or scholarship. Put copies of the following documents in the Job Readiness section of your Capstone binder. You should also keep digital copies of key documents so you can update and customize them for prospective jobs in the future (see Online Storage). At a minimum the information should include the following artifacts.

Mock Interview Instructions and Links
To gain further experience so you are better prepared for the workplace, you will meet with another adult outside of Lopez who will ask you questions as if it was a real job interview. You choose the person, ideally an older person who can give you tips on interviewing, but not a family member. He or she will also evaluate your performance in the areas of preparedness, body language, voice quality and content just like your peer or teacher practice interview.