Independent Living Skills

To best prepare for life after high school students learn key aspects of what it takes to live on their own. They cover practical information on housing, cars, finances, taxes, insurance, goals, and interpersonal skills.
  1. Follow the instructions for each topic.
  2. Submit your finished work to your teacher.
  3. Save the work to include it in your Capstone binder later.

Wallet icon Personal Finance
Use the Personal Finance worksheet below to learn about banks, credit unions, and credit cards. Also practice writing checks and deposit slips and create a monthly budget for living on your own. Finance Worksheet . | . Simple Monthly Budget
House iconHousing
Use the Renter Questionnaire below. Find out about three different rental properties in an area you are interested in living. Also evaluate important considerations as a renter. Housing Worksheet
Car icon Transportation
Use the Transportation worksheet below to research key statistics on three used cars you might be interested in purchasing. Also learn about insurance and payment options. Transportation Worksheet
Insurance can be confusing because of all the options and terminology. Use the links to learn about medical, automobile, and renter's insurance. Renter's insurance is typically optional, but may be a wise investment to cover unforeseen events. Insurance Worksheet
taxes Taxes
Use the Taxes worksheet below to learn why people must pay taxes and what deductions from a paycheck mean. Taxes Worksheet
goals Goals
Benjamin Franklin said, “If you fail to plan you plan to fail.” Goals are important in helping you reach your potential. Use the Two-Year Plan template below to create short term-goals to be making progress toward or to be accomplished in the next two years. Two-Year Goals Worksheet
people People Skills
Knowing yourself as well as understanding and working with others is vital. For this topic you will use the worksheet below to write a brief three-paragraph reflection on a people skill you would like to improve. Reflection Worksheet