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Senior Spotlight

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Basketball Kyle Chew Cultivation technician, entrepreneur, salesman, solar technician, wildland firefighter
I want to thank Mr. Finkle (aka Spencer Finkle) because he helped me get into this school.
A highlight for me was Basketball games with Mr. Ender's PE class.
My advice for those still finishing high school is to stay out of trouble.
Lexie Lexie McElreath Hair & Makeup
A highlight for me was winter formal in Atascadero.
I want to thank my mom because she changed her entire lifestyle to get me home from foster care.
"Keep your head up."
Isabel Isabel Dutra Art Therapy
A highlight from my high school career would definitely be performing in the hall ways at AGHS with the band and color guard, instruments blasting through the halls of the entire school.
I would like to thank my best friends Kate and Emily who even though they are older than me, they still both treat me with kindness and would always find a way to help me out in anyway that they could
"Listen and trust yourself. Go with your gut feeling and don't back away from it."
Alexander Alexander Estrada Musician or US Soldier 
I remember the The L.A hockey trip. I got to hang out with some of my favorite teachers on a field trip down to L.A. I made some amazing friends on the way and at the Getty Museum. On top of that I got to watch my favorite sport, to watch it from the perspective of my rival team and most importantly I had insane amounts of fun.
The person, or more accurately people I would like to thank are my circle. Everybody in it has helped me in some way no matter how big or small, every little bit mattered and I will remember them always.
When life hits you hardest embrace it, when life gives you something to hope for dream it, and although our lives would be changed from here on out we will always be the seniors who made it through a worldwide pandemic. I have faith in everyone that they will find happiness in their future wherever that may be because we made it.
Nathan Quinata
Welding or Game Warden
I remember when I first got in to Lopez and it was already distance learning which really sucked. So of course when the opportunity arose to go back to school in form of the learning POD I was all for it. I was pretty distanced over the first week but once everyone came together things got a lot more comfortable. I'll never forget anybody from that group of amazing people.
I would like to thank my sister for everything she has done for me. Throughout my childhood she was always the one to be right there making sure I was taken care of. If not for my sister I firmly believe that I would either be in the system or some place other than school. I have been pushed, and pushed, and pushed, but in the end it was all worth it because I can see what a big difference it has made and I appreciate my sister for that.
I've been through a lot throughout the 17 years of my life and I'm not saying that you haven't, I'm just saying that for those of you who have had it fairly easy, be grateful and give thanks to all. Although you may have your ups and downs with family and friends, remember that they are there for you just as you should be for them. Other than that, just finish school....You'll never know how much it means to you until it's out of your grasp.