Ticket Store Is Back

Good news! A variation of the ticket store is back. You can now earn tickets for being involved with school each day. The possible rewards are $5 gift cards and Lopez t-shirts which will be mailed to you. Earn a ticket at a teacher or staff member's discretion when you:
  • Initiate or reply to an email or text.
  • Participate in a discussion.
  • Join a Google Hangout
  • Hand in an assignment
When you earn a ticket a teacher or staff member makes note of it in a special Ticket Bank set aside for this month. You get an email showing you how many tickets you have and why you got them. The email also tells you what rewards are available, what they cost (in tickets), and how you can simply email one of us to "order" the reward you want. We are trying to price things so you could earn a reward within a week or so.
If you haven't been involved with school now's the time. If you have been involved, keep going strong. Let us know if you have any questions. Go Wolves, hoooowl!