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Community Service

Modified Community Service Requirements While Distance Learning

In order to receive 10 hours of Community Service credit, juniors and seniors may write an essay on Google docs and submit to Ms. Bowen at kathlin.gonzalez@lmusd.org. The essay should include a minimum of 3 paragraphs including the topics listed below. Students should use their creative writing skills, as well as use good grammar and punctuation.


This Global Pandemic has affected us all in a myriad of ways.  Please describe write a letter to Ms. Katie describing how you've supported and provided community service by answering these 3 questions: 


  • What have you done during the pandemic to support and serve the community as a whole?
  • What have you done during the pandemic to support and serve your family and/or those that support you?
  • What have you done during the pandemic to support and serve yourself?


After submitting your Google Doc via email, Ms. Katie will reply if you’ve completed it satisfactorily and received the 10 hours.  She will then update your transcript accordingly.

(**Seniors needing more than 10 hours should include pictures, videos or other creative means for showing what they’ve done over the 10 hour requirement.  Email Ms. Katie for more details if this applies to you.**)

Regular Community Service Requirements
Giving back helps others, bolsters our community and matures our character. Each high school student graduating from Lucia Mar Unified School District is required to complete 20 hours of community service (ideally 10 during junior year and 10 during senior year). The following resources might help you figure out a meaningful way for you to contribute to helping those around you. We recommend as much hands-on experience as possible, especially in a field of their interest. Let Mr. Dominguez know if you have questions.
Instructions and Forms
  • Submit Form: Return the form to the school office.
  • Get Signed Off: Once you have served a total 20 hours you can get the Community Service item checked off on your Capstone Checklist.