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About Me

Media Arts, Technology, Yearbook
For the last eleven years Mark has taught high school students in visual arts and technology. Before that, Mark designed and produced interactive multimedia applications for a variety of small and large clients. Mark has developed several commercial software titles, published seven books, and has been an inventor on two U.S. Patent applications, one of which was granted.

Graduated from Regis University in Denver, CO with a B.S. in Computer Information Systems and received a minor in Television and Radio Production. Telecommunications certification. Desktop Publishing certification. Mark holds a single subject teaching credential in Industrial and Technology Education, CLAD Credential, and SDAIE Certified.

Thoughts about Learning
  • Anyone can learn.
  • Everyone enjoys learning something.
  • Learning goals should be high, but obtainable.
  • Failure is an excellent teacher.
  • Learning requires a willingness to learn.
  • See one, do one, teach one is a powerful learning cycle for students.
  • Learning should be a lifelong adventure.